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Question from Jamie I recently got the revo s spinning reel a need a good rod to pair it with i was thinking the st croix mojo bass or abu garcia veritas or any other suggestions my limit it 100 i want a rod where i can virtually use any lure on it with no problems. Thanks.
Pro Tournament Angler Helen Gordon: A good overall rod with bang for your dollar... The St. Croix MoJo Bass 6'8" medium action spinning rod. The Mojo rod is lightweight, durable and uses high quality componets for example the rod itself is constructed with SCII graphite materials with Batson forecast hard aluminum oxide guides with doubleplated black chrome frames, and  Fuji reel seat .  I perfer Mojo Bass Rod because of  it's sensitivity and the split grip cork handle. Cork handles come in hand especially if you were to drop your rod in water the cork handle will float.   I personally have found this to be true after I casted my rod and reel overboard.   When shopping for a rod there are several things to consider...  #1  The more modules of graphite the more sensitive the rod...but more expensive.   You got to feel it to set the hook.  #2 Other applications like crankbaiting, spinnerbaits, froggin ..You do not need as sensitive rod ...These are reaction technique specific.  #3 Crankbaiting rods are usually Fiberglass or Glass/graphite composite usually are moderate action.  Finally, St Croix backs their product with a 5 year warranty  and Superstar Service. ~ Tight Lines and 5 Fish Limits
Question from Andy If you had to pick one kind of fishing line for all styles of bass fishing ( topwater, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, texas rigged) what would it be and what pound line.
Edward Guice Ranger/T&H Marine Pro Staff: I like 15 pound test line for all uses. Berkley makes a new line called High-Test, it is a small diameter line with great abrasion properties.
Question from Charles I am a very knowledgeable, young fisherman. I know a lot about when, how and where to catch bass, what baits work when, what colors work in muddy water, what works in clear, etc. I was wondering, how could i get recognized as a future pro bass fisherman?
Edward Guice Strictly Bass Lures/Ranger Pro Staff: The best way to make a name for yourself as a pro-bass fisherman is to fish bass tournaments and finish in the top 10% consistantly.
Question from Charles What lure and color would work in clear water, fishing from shore, in 1-5 feet of water? The bass mainly feed on minnows or shad.
Edward Guice Strictly Bass Lures/Ranger Boats Pro Staff: I like a Strictly Bass spinner bait chart/white or white and a Berkley 7 inch Powerworm in greenpumpin or watermelon candy under those conditions.
Question from Emaze I fish a pond that is about 5 acres and only 8 to 10 foot deep, it is very cold today, 30 degrees. How do I catch fish in these conditions and what to use?
Edward Guice Strictly Bass Lures/Ranger ProStaff: I would fish a 6 inch finesse worm in greenpumpin or watermelon seed color texas rigged or on a jig head. Also, you could swim or hop a 4 inch smoke grub on a jig head.
Question from Mika Do fish ever sleep?
Edward Guice Ranger Pro Staff: I think they are a sleep whenever I can not catch them. However, I do not think they really sleep as humans know sleep. Fish get in a dormant state which could be thought of as sleeping.
Question from Sherry
Hi,I caught some minnows, in Solado Creek in San Antonio, TX. I now have them in a fish tank,six of them look pregnant, if so how do I protect the young? I have a large rock with holes in the tank.
Edward Guice T&H Marine/Ranger Pro Staff: You can put some artifical plants in the tank. It will give the small fry cover to hide.
Question from Holly I'm doing a science project on " which rubber worm will catch the most fish". My dad and I are going to Lake Holly to catch bass. So if you had to pick three worms what would they be? And also, would the one with glitter catch more fish?
Edward Guice T&H Marine/D&D Marine/Ranger Pro Staff:I like the Berkley Powerworms 6 inch finesse worm, 7 inch ribbon tail worm and 6 inch lizards. I do prefer worms with red,purple,green or black with silver or gold glitter.
Question from Talmadge What is the best way to attract a sponsor? Will a sponsor ever say no?
Edward Guice Strictly Bass Lures/Ranger Pro Staff: The best way to attract a sponsor is to sell the sponsor's product or to be the top fishing perosn in your area/region, and sponsors do say no, probably more than they say yes.
Question from Brad What are the different types of knots? How do tie them?
Edward Guice Ranger/Strictly Bass Lures Pro Staff: You can go to or Their wesite did have different knots and instrutions on how to tie them.
Question from Talmadge I just got back from a great fishing trip, but when I caught a fish my friend called it a speckled bass. I live in Florida so I know he didn't think it was a spotted bass. My question is: Is there a species of bass called speckled bass?

Edward Guice: I am not aware of a speckled bass species. I have heard people call spotted bass, speckled bass. However, people in Florida call crappie, specks.

Question from Justin
My friend and i go to a pond near my house it has many bass and blue gill. The ponds visibility is 6 to 7 inches. 
I was wondering what jigs or lures we could use to catch some bass.
Edward Guice Ranger/Strictly Bass Lures Pro Staff: I would fish with a spinner bait under low visibility (6-7inches) conditions.
Question from Trevor I am having a problem with the rat-l-trap. I just can't seem to catch a fish off of it. I have tried every technique I can think of, I've used the yo-yo technique, the fast retrieval etc. Any advice?
Edward Guice Ranger/Strictly Bass Lures Pro Staff: I use a fast retrieve or yo-yo technique 99% of the time. However, fish some times what a slow steady retrieve.
Question from Ryan
What are some of the best seasons for bass to come out?
Edward Guice Ranger/Strictly Bass Lures Pro Staff: I catch larger bass and increased numbers of bass in the spring and summer. Bass can be caught all year round in some parts of the country, but in the northern area, once the water begins to warm, then fish move into some of the shallower waters to feed and breed.
Question from Wesley
I am going fishing up in Michigan City and it is suppose to rain. Is it good to go fishing in the rain, and will the fish bite.
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: One of my all time fave quotes is from Denny Brauer. He states in one of his books. "If you cant catch fish in the rain, you better try a new sport." And he is right, safety is however very important. We dont want you fishing in heavy winds and lightning. Thats just not safe! But if its just raining, that can be some of the best fishing! The rain helps mask your outline and your boat noise, fish tend to feed shallow as bugs and other stuff get washed into the lake. Good luck!

Question from Raul Hi.....I'm in Vegas and I like to fish at Lake Mead... my question is can you normally catch stripers?
Fish'n Kids Staff: Yes. The striper can be caught by trolling or jigging in the waters of Lake Mead, Nevada. They can grow to more than 80 pounds and six feet long at full maturity. Most striped bass are caught in the range under 30 pounds. In the upper Muddy and Virgin River waters of Lake Mead, they are from 2 to 5 pounds each.
Question from Mark What is the best lure to use in the river?
Edward Guice, Stricly Bass Lure Pro: A plastic worm or a spinnerbait would be my choice if I could only have 2 types of baits.
Question from Josh What type of bait is best in murky high water?
Edward Guice, Stricly Bass Lure Pro: High muddy water, I like a spinner bait with with gold colorado blades in chart/white or all chart. in color (i.e. River Fintanic by Strictly Bass) and a swimming/flipping jig (i.e. Invader jig by Strictly Bass) in brown/chart or brown/purple with chart. tailer.
Question from Brian Why don't the fish bite when water is receding?
Edward Guice, Ranger/Evinrude Pro: The fish will bite in receding water; but, the fish will be tight to cover. The fish usually will not chase down a bait. You have to place the bait in front of them or at least in the cover in which they are holding (i.e. brush pile, tree, stump, grass bed, ect). This is why, a jig and or plastic worm type baits work so well under these type conditions.
Question from Blaine
I fish a lot in 3 lakes around my house in central Louisiana. Two of these lakes are pretty clear and the other has stained water to muddy. I Love to fish spinnerbaits and have pretty good success with them. I understand them. But this past year I've taken an interest in learning to fish the plastic worm. Boy, confusing! I believe I've got the presentation and hook set down, but when it comes to choosing what color to use when, I'm not sure. I guess I've bought about 20 packs of different colors this year and still don't understand it. Can you explain what colors for what clarity water and why? Also, if you wanted to make it simple and say, "I'm only going to buy a half-dozen colors to fish with. A few for clear water and a few for stained." What would those colors be? Where does the glitter come into play? Why would you choose a re! d glitter over a blue or green glitter? How does cloud cover and sunlight affect your decision? Thanks a million!
Edward Guice, Ranger/Evinrude Pro: Here is a good rule to go by on choosing plactic bait colors: Black and blue glitter, Green pumpin and water melon red works on most all bodies of under all most all water colors. But here is the rule:Stained or Muddy water use darker colors, the brighter/sunny/clear blue skies use darker colors (Example: Sunny/stained water use blk/blue or june bug, ect), the clearer the water the more translucent colors or natural colors (example: Sunny/clear skies/Clear water with 3 to 4 feet visability or more use watermelon seed or red, cottoncandy, watermelon candy, natural blue, ect), (example: Cloudy/clear water use greenpumpin, blk/blue, redshad, plum,ect.).
Question from Jaxen How do you use crankbait? Should you use minnows or worms in a river?
Edward Guice, T&H Marine Pro: Crankbaits are usually cast out and retreived on a steady retreive, with the bait coming in contact with the bottom or structure you are fishing. Minnows or worms will work to cacht fish in the river.
Question from Phillip
Hi, I was wondering what kind of lure would you use on a hot day about 90 degrees and the water is very murky plus this is a medium sized pond.
Edward Guice, T&H Marine Pro: I would use a plastic worm in a dark color (like: junebug or black/blue) rigged texas style.
Question from TJ What depth is good for a 3/16 oz spinnerbait best used in?
Edward Guice, Strictly Bass Lures Pro: I like to fish a 3/16oz spinner bait in 4 foot of water or less.
Question from Alec
I have a small pond in my neighborhood that has largemouth bass and blue gills. My friend and myself catch 2 bass every once in a while. His little brother for some reason catches at least 1 bass every time we go. My question is that what are some good tips for snagging in these bass with worms, and what colors are good for the spoons that we sometimes use?
Edward Guice, Strictly Bass Lures Pro: Spoons, I like solid nickel or gold in color. A plastic worm will catch bass any where, under almost any conditions. I like darker colors for darker water(Green pumpkin, june bug black/blue, blueberry) and lighter or clearer water I use more translucent colors (greenpumkin, watermelon red, watermelon candy).
Question from Jacob
How big can a white bass get?
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Jacob, the world record White Bass is 6lbs 7oz, but I would say most are about 12” and go 1.5lbs or 2... this all depends on where you are in the US as well though.
Question from Giuseppe
What reel and rod would be good for me? What lures would be good for me to? I can't catch anything with what I'm using. Pleas help me catch fish!
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Giuseppe- If you have been in a store lately, you will have noticed that there are millions of combinations of rods and reels on the market today. What it really depends on is what you wish to catch and the size lure you are going to cast. A rod and reel is like a tool. Some tools do some jobs very well and dont do other jobs very well. You wouldn’t use a hammer to screw a screw in. If your looking for an all around versitle rod, I would suggest a 6’M action rod and a spinning reel with 6-8lb line. As for brand and exact rod, I would say get what you can afford. Lures, jigs and small twister tails seem to catch just about anything that swims. 1/8th or 1/16th oz jig and a white 2” twister tail! I wish you the best of luck on your quest for the fish!
Question from Reggie How do you fish in deep cover like lily pads and grass? And what bait should I use?
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Reggie-As conditions change, so should the lures you use. For lilly pads I really like a couple of different presentations. If its overcast, I like to use a ¼ oz OutKast swim jig, and fish it just like you would a spinnerbait. Cast it out and reel it in slow. It should swim its way right through the cover. If the sun is out, or the pads are really thick, I like to use a floating frog type bait. Like a Scum Frog.
Question from Kyle
What lure size and color would you reccomend at a small lake thats average is 15ft deep and deepest is 41 foot deep. The lake is mainly a stained color. I fish there a lot in the summer and I was curious.
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Kyle-I assume you are looking for bass? Since the name of the page is! Bass make seasonal changes throughout the year. Some times they are shallow, sometimes deep. Sometimes during the year they like a fast moving bait, while others prefer slow. Its knowing when to throw what which makes your normal weekend anger different from the pros you see on television. In stained water, use larger lures that give off more vibration. Large plastic worms, in dark colors should work. Colorado bladed spinnerbaits will catch a lot of fish as well. Jig and Pig is another great option. Fish the shallow cover and look for places a bass can hide to attack the prey. Docks, fallen trees and weeds are very good places.
Question from Nick What is the most simplest bait to use for bass fishing?
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Nick- My opinion, a spinnerbait is about as easy as it gets. You really can’t fish it wrong.
Question from Zack
I heard that darker lures work better in more murky water, and lighter one work in clearer water, is that true? What's your favorite color for bass in the spring time? When you have a lure on and you get bites but then they just stop, does that mean their not hungry or does that mean they want something else?
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Zach- What a great question. For the most part you are right. Dark lures in stained water, and natural colors in clear water. To go along with that, darker colors on dark days, and lighter colors on lighter days! However this is just a place to start, you may find out that the bass dont read the rule book, and may prefer something crazy some days. But I usually start with what I stated above. Dark water Dark day=Black, dark water bright day=red shad or tequilla, Clear water dark day=watermellonseed, clear water bright day=pumpkinseed.

If you have a situation like you have stated above, your catching fish, then all of a sudden they stop. You need to try and figure out why they stopped. Did you catch them all? Did one get off your line and spook the rest of the school? Did you spook them by getting the boat to close to them? Did the weather change? Did the school move? All possible things, sometimes you just need to change lures, sometimes just need to change colors, and sometimes you can throw your whole tackle box at them and it will not do you any good! Thats why they call it fishing and not always catching! 8-)

Question from Andrew What size line would you use on a flippin stick that would catch the most fish but still be strong enough?
Deitz Dittrich Host of HotSpotOutdoors: Andrew- I can tell you what works well for me. I use 20 lb Gamma Florocarbon on one of my flipping sticks, 17Gamma Hi Vis Copoly on another, and 65LB Power Pro on a third flipping stick.

I dont feel that fish that you flip to are line shy, more often than not they are holed up in something thick, and that is why you are flipping them So really use whatever line you want. My opinion as you can see above, I like heavy, because I hate to loose fish! Heavier lines are more difficult to manage though. So you need to find a line that is strong, but not too hard to cast. Best of luck!